BSidesJAX coordinators will do their best to ensure volunteers are in their preferred role, and put in a position they are comfortable with. In exchange we ask that if you show up on time for the roles you have selected/assigned to, and if you are unable to do so, to contact the volunteer coordinator at the earliest opportunity. All volunteers (like participants) are expected to abide by the code of conduct, and should be able to answer general questions from attendees, or refer them to a member volunteer coordinator/organizer.


Public Facing

Public facing roles are roles that are expected to be highly interactive with the attendees.

Registration Desk

Registration Deck volunteers will be primarily responsible for checking in attendees from the registration list, giving out badges, t-shirts, and answering general information questions. Registration volunteers will be exclusively at the front when the doors open, but once the conference starts will be asked to assist in other areas.

Path Specialist

A path specialist volunteer will primarily be in charge of keeping the talks on schedule as well as providing support for the speakers. While not a requirement, we would prefer this role to be comfortable taking charge of the room and comfortable introducing the speakers. Please note within the volunteer form, if you are NOT comfortable speaking to a room, and the coordinators will do their best to pair you with someone who is.

Workshop Support

Similar to the path specialist this role will involve providing support to the trainers on Friday during the workshops. Volunteers will also be asked to help arrange the workshop spaces between workshops if required as well as set up and tear down. As workshops are announced, if you have experience with the subject matter and might be able to provide experienced assistance please reach out to the coordinator who can get you in connect you to the trainer to see if that support would be welcome.

In addition to the workshops on Friday, BSidesJAX is having a Lockpicking Village, as well as a CTF and other areas on the Saturday. Volunteers with these skill sets would be welcome to assist in those particular areas.


Behind-the-Scenes roles are expected to be less interactive with the attendees; however, expectations still exist that interaction will be required.

Technical Support

BSidesJAX being a technology event will involve a good amount of A/V setup and troubleshooting. Volunteers in this role will be the primary people behind ensuring the talks go off and are able to connect and run smoothly. It is preferred that volunteers who pick this role have a good knowledge of A/V equipment and are comfortable responding to technical issues as they come up. However training will be given if requested. This role will also be asked to help set up the equipment and will need to be at the venue earlier in the day as a result.


The runner role is primarily going to be involved in helping where needed. Example if the technical support requires a new set of batteries, or if the Path Specialist needs help locating a speaker. There is no “set” task for this, but ideal volunteers for this type of role would be those who aren’t fully comfortable being primarily a tech support, as they would be there to shadow and learn from the other team members.

Public Safety

The public safety role is looking for people who are comfortable managing crowds. Ideal volunteers for this would be people who have some background either in physical security, EMT, law enforcement, fire etc. Please note within this role volunteers are NOT EMTs, law enforcement, fire however they will support if needed.

Social Media Specialist

For 2023 BSidesJAX is looking to have a stronger social media presence on the day of the event. The specialist(s) in this role will be asked to monitor various social media platforms and respond to queries and questions posted there. The role will also involve the upload of pictures (PLEASE ensure permission of any speaker before posting pictures from talks etc) taken on the day to help promote the event.


The floater role is a jack-of-all trades. These volunteers will not be assigned to the roles in particular, but will be asked to cover other volunteers’ breaks. As with any of the other roles listed, please inform the volunteer coordinator if there are any roles you would not feel comfortable doing so they can best assist.

Further Questions?

For further questions please reach out to info@bsidesjax.org or join our Discord and reach out to SM51#3084.